24-25 September 2022
Annual Scientific Meeting 2022
Health Equity a modern day ‘Deus ex machina’?
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25 September 2021
Annual Scientific Meeting 2021
Population Health in the Post-COVID-19 Era: Opportunities and Challenges
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Medical students' session - Call for poster submission
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Annual Scientific Meeting 2020
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From SARS MERS to COVID-19 What Have We Learnt
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26 September 2020
28 September 2019
Annual Scientific Meeting 2019
Looking for Future Progress in Community Medicine
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Joint RACMA & HKCCM Conference 2018
Change - Disruption. Innovation. Transformation
16 September 2017
Annual Scientific Meeting 2017
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Health in the Era of Big Data
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8 October 2016
Annual Scientific Meeting with DPRI
Building a Resilient Health System
19 September 2015
Annual Scientific Meeting 2015
What will the Next Generation of Community Medicine Specialists look like?
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20 September 2014
Annual Scientific Meeting 2014
Public Health at the Crossroads - Where do we go from here?
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28 September 2013
Annual Scientific Meeting 2013
Medical Leadership and Management – Global Outlook and Local Landscape
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15 September 2012
Annual Scientific Meeting
Occupational Health for All: From Prevention To Rehabilitation
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Fellowship Conferment Ceremony
27 November 2011
Annual Scientific Meeting
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September 2010
2010 RACMA / HKCCM Annual Conference
September 2009
Fellowship Conferment Ceremony
June 2009
Annual Scientific Meeting
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