The Hong Kong Alliance for Advocacy Against Alcohol

  The Hong Kong Alliance for Advocacy Against Alcohol (the Alliance) was set up in July 2015 under the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine (the College).
a) To inform and educate the public of the health, social and economic burden of alcohol consumption
b) To advocate for effective, evidence-based policies and actions to reduce alcohol related harm
c) To monitor the marketing practices of the alcohol industry, especially those aimed at youths
Position Statement
a) The Alliance is set up under the College which among other objectives, aims to promote public health in Hong Kong.
In line with this objective, the Alliance aims to play an advocacy and community engagement role in alcohol control to better
protect public health.
b) Members of the Alliance comprise individuals from the academic, medical and health, social and educational sectors who are
committed to reducing the harms of alcohol in Hong Kong,
c) The work of the Alliance is based on scientific evidence that alcohol consumption is a major preventable cause of death and
disability,as well as in line with the World Health Organization’s recommended strategies to reduce alcohol-related harms.
d) The Alliance is independent of government; while it will work in partnership with government on a coordinated response against
alcohol, it will also hold government accountable for inaction against alcohol.
e) The Alliance has no ties to the alcohol industry, as effective policies and actions must be protected from commercial or vested
List of Members

Dr Sin Ping MAK     Convenor  麥倩屏醫生
Dr Regina CT CHING    Hon Secretary  程卓端醫生
Ms Jessica KW CHAN  陳潔華女士
Dr Angus MW CHAN  陳銘偉醫生
Dr Wai Man CHAN  陳慧敏醫生
Dr Andy WC FUNG  封華冑博士
Dr Patrick PK IP  葉柏強醫生
Dr Henry WM KONG  江永明醫生
Professor Tai Hing LAM  林大慶教授
Professor Annisa CH LEE LAI  李賴俊卿教授
Dr June YY LEUNG  梁語殷醫生
Professor Raymond HS LIANG 梁憲孫教授
Professor Agnes FY TIWARI  羅鳳儀教授
Dr Ricky CK TUNG  董梓光醫生
Professor Martin CS WONG  黄至生教授

Alcohol Fact Sheet

WHO Alcohol Fact Sheet

Activities of the Alliance

Participation in International Forum
  The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance Virtual Event, 12-14 October 2021
  Third WHO Forum on Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours (FADAB),web-based from Geneva, Switzerland on 22-25 June 2021
  Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2017 at Melbourne, Australia on 4-6 October 2017
  WHO Western Pacific Regional Forum on Protecting Young People from Harmful Use of Alcohol, 30 April 2016
  Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2015 at Edinburgh on 7-9 October 2015

Health Advocacy and Collaboration
  Meeting with the Director of Health, 22 February 2023
  Comments on first draft of WHO's action plan on alcohol control 2022-2030, 1 September 2021
  Hong Kong Letter on RTHK Radio 1, 13 February 2021
  Hong Kong Medical Journal Editorial, Online First, February 2021 issue,
  Press briefing to call for action against the background of COVID-19 and rising female drinking prevalence, 29 January 2021
  Position Statement on The World Health Organization’s consultation document for the development of a global action plan to reduce alcohol-related harm, 3 December 2020
  Interview on Alcohol Abuse in Isolation by South China Morning Post on 20 June, 2020
  Meeting with Chair of the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) at Auckland, New Zealand on 21 Nov 2019
  Interview on Underage Drinking by South China Morning Post on 5 January, 2019
  Hong Kong Cancer Day_ Anti-Cancer Say No to Alcohol 9 December 2018
  Health Promotion Symposium 4 May 2018
  Backchat on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK),12 February 2018
  Meeting with DH on Capacity Building and Use of Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention tool,28 August 2017
  Position Statement on Hong Kong Beer Run, August 2017
  Graduation Ceremony, Lutheran Academy, Yuen Long 3 Jul 2017
  Alcohol Lecture, January 2017
  "Young and Alcohol Free" Campaign, 15 December 2016
  Health Advocacy Project: Think Before You Drink, December 2016
  International No Alcohol Day, 2 October 2016
  Joint Survey with the Hong Kong Medical Association, May 2016